Volunteer Aerospace offers additive manufacturing of Aluminum (AlSi10Mg) parts using a Concept Laser X-1000R, parameter development with the Selective Laser Melting process, and consulting regarding additive manufacturing and its effectiveness for project success.

Machine Capabilities

Concept Laser X-Line 1000R

Material:  AlSi10Mg*
Build Volume:  630mm x 400mm x 500mm
Laser System:  1000W Yb-fiber
Focus Diameter:  100 - 500 µm
Build Plate Heating:  up to 200°C
Inert Atmosphere:  Argon

*Batch control over powder lots is available upon request.

Supporting Capabilities


Sample preparation
Optical Microscopy
SEM Analysis
EBSD Analysis

File Preparation

.STL File Fixing
Readiness for Additive Manufacturing
Topology Optimization