Volunteer Aerospace is a woman owned small business focused on advanced manufacturing. Volunteer Aerospace developed from a Defense Production Act Title III Program focused on 3D printing liquid rocket engine components. Volunteer Aerospace now services multiple industries offering qualified production hardware, engineering solutions, and material qualification. Volunteer Aerospace operates multiple direct metal laser melting machines, including EOS M290’s, an X-Line 1000, and an X-Line 2000. This gives Volunteer Aerospace’s customers a wide range of capability when considering their Additive Manufacturing needs.

Founded by Rachel Jones, Devon Burkle, and Jonaaron Jones in 2016 to advance additive manufacturing and offer customers solutions that were not available in the marketplace. With over twenty-eight years combined in manufacturing, a combined seventeen of those in additive manufacturing, the leadership team is well versed in offering advanced manufacturing solutions to meet any project needs. Volunteer Aerospace continues to strive to stay at the forefront of advanced manufacturing technologies and techniques.

Rachel Jones

Devon Burkle

Jonaaron Jones

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